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Heat resistant stone oil

Oil for stone and brick, heat-resistant, organic-based

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386.00 ГРН
Heat resistant oil on stone

Fast and convenient processing

  • Dries quickly, withstands expansion and contraction of the base;
  • Protects against UV, mold, fungus, moss and efflorescence;
  • Forms a dense uniform film that does not allow moisture to pass through;
  • Resistant to very high temperatures.

Usage: Decorative and protective coating for products of stove and fireplace type, lined with various types of brick or stone. It is used for impregnation of kiln and clinker bricks, marble, sandstone, shell rock, artificial stone, concrete, paving stones, paving slabs and other materials.

Scope of application: recommended for the protection and decorative finishing of stone facades, brickwork, paving stones, paving slabs, concrete, stoves, fireplaces, fences and other surfaces. Creates a natural, decorative, dirt-resistant and water-repellent finish.

Resistant to adverse weather conditions

Properties: It is deeply absorbed and forms an elastic protective layer resistant to adverse weather conditions. The content of special additives prevents mold and efflorescence. Provides good wear resistance, increases surface resistance to water and precipitation. Binds lime and cement dust for easy cleaning. Creates a wet stone effect. Safe for people, animals and plants.

Outdoor stone oven-barbecue