Paints-impregnation for wood

Acrylic antiseptic primer
Price 117 uah/l

New wood paints without odor

The current market for wood-protective paints is conditionally divided into two large groups, which are presented in our catalog:
  • Water-soluble base with improved acrylate dispersion.

  • Organic based containing natural oils and alkyd resins, soluble with purified white spirit.

Environmental safety requirements for the products of the paint and varnish industry are growing every year. Much attention is paid not only to the durability of the coating, but also to its aesthetics and the absence of components with a toxic pungent odor. It is these volatile additives that are often harmful to health, especially if the state of these chemical compounds is stable for a long time under normal conditions.

If it is important for you to choose an odorless wood paint, for example, for interior work, then water-based compositions are better suited for this purpose. These compounds have a universal purpose as they are resistant to abrasion and sunlight, and with an antiseptic additive they can be used for outdoor use.

Nevertheless, the influence of an unfavorable external environment: precipitation, moisture, ultraviolet radiation, fungus, mold, etc., over time have a destructive effect on any coating and on the tree itself.

Oil-based wood coatings penetrate deeper into the wood and have good environmental resistance, but they are inferior in their resistance to solar radiation than water-based formulations. They contain natural linseed oil, a mixture of alkyd resins and antiseptic additives. Use aliphatic (refined) thinners to remove strong active ingredients and improve environmental performance.

As you can see, each category has its own strengths and weaknesses, and we will describe them in detail below.

How to achieve the most efficient processing

Water based system
Complex of water-soluble paint-impregnation

1. Priming antiseptic «Base Imregnate» (on a new previously unpainted surface or cleaned to bare wood)

1 layer
2. Paint-Antiseptic «Aqua Color» (tinted) 2 layers

Organic based system
Complex of wood protection products based on oil
Variant 1
1. Priming-impregnation «Organic Proteсt»
(on a new previously unpainted surface or cleaned to bare wood)
1 layer
2. Paint-impregnation «FACADE LASUR» (tinted) 2 layers
Variant 2
1. Priming-impregnation «Organic Proteсt Oil» on a new previously unpainted surface or cleaned to bare wood) 1 layer
2. Paint-impregnation «FACADE LASUR» ((tinted) 2 layers

Lasures - These are translucent antiseptic wood paints that are easy to apply and renew. The wood texture is clearly visible through the tinting coating, but despite the translucency, the lasure protects the wood well from moisture and solar ultraviolet radiation.

Features and Benefits of lasures: environmentally friendly, harmless, do not crack, do not wash out, do not interfere with the breathing of wood. With this coating you will be able to see the texture of the wood. It tints the surface in the desired color and creates a transparent protective film. The coating should be renewed periodically if it is worn out, burnt out, has lost its protective function or cracks appear in it. Renewal can be carried out once every 4-7 years and no more than 5 layers.

Natural oils-lasuries for wood, also coat the wood with a thin layer, painting its texture in the desired color. This coating protects the wood from moisture and decay. It prevents water from penetrating into the wood..

Thus, thanks to Bionic House products, you simultaneously protect wooden surfaces and products, as well as give them an original appearance, amber, natural and any favorite shade. It is the best natural way to care for wood surfaces that does not harm your health.

High-quality and effective products are presented at very affordable prices. Delivery is possible in Kiev and other regions of the Ukraine.

Kiev prices for wood-protective paint do not always please the buyer with the availability and reasonable price. The price of paint in Kiev for promoted brands is about 500-600 UAH / liter. On average, about 80-90 liters of paint will go to the facade of a small house (3 layers for more than 250 m2). That is, for the complete processing of only the topcoat, more than 54000 UAH are needed.

The odorless Bionic House wood paint is not harmful to the health of all households, does not cause allergies when touched or breathed, does not interfere with air exchange in the room, and at the same time costs half the price. Moreover, using natural materials, we preserve the ecology of housing. Security is one of the main advantages of our company.

Facade Lasure based on linseed or tung oil - natural shades

The range of our products is systematically expanded and updated with new positions. If you really appreciate the natural qualities of oil-based compounds, we recommend that you pay attention to the Facade Lasure for wood. It provides deep impregnation of the material and also provides excellent appearance for up to 7 years between updates. It is a used by both indoors and outdoors.

The versatility of facade lasure is that it can be used as an impregnation (to protect against moisture) and as an antiseptic (prevents the development of fungus, blue stain and mold). The product forms a thin but elastic film that protects the wood from the effects of an aggressive environment and prevents the appearance of insects. At the same time, thanks to natural ingredients, the composition allows the tree to "breathe".

Wood paint from "Bionic House" allows you to give the desired aesthetic appearance to a variety of wood products. They are successfully used for indoor and outdoor use. Wood-like paint in natural shades gives an original look to the facade of the building, as well as prevents fading and helps protect against ultraviolet radiation. Application method - with a regular brush or roller.

Aqua Color water based

The water-soluble acrylate dispersion offered by our company is especially effective against burnout under ultraviolet rays and, with the help of decorative additives, will create a silk effect.

The base of this product allows you to create both a translucent and covering effect.

Up to 7 years of premium look guarantee, silk effect and options with sheen.

Buy paint for wood «Facade Lasure» and «Aqua Color», can be directly from production at address: Kiev region, Boryspil district, vill. Schastlyve st. Perspectivnaya 21. All wood paints of our production are made on natural environmentally friendly components that are able to protect wood from moisture penetration and burnout under the sun. These properties make them suitable for outdoor use. At the same time, our paints are almost odorless, so they are also used for interior work.

Paint for wooden facades 'Aqua Color' dries quickly. We have added an improved UV filter to its composition, which prevents the coating from fading under the influence of UV light (it blocks up to 70% of UV radiation from translucent coatings and up to 100% of topcoats). It is profitable to buy acrylic paint for wood from "Bionic House", since the prices of our products are lower than those of famous brands, and its service life is the same - up to 7 years.

Retail price for facade paints for wood «Aqua Color» and «Facade Lasur» produced by Bionic-House does not exceed 270 uah/l., based on the same above mentioned average house will be - 22760 uah. As a result, for the same 7 years of protection, you overpay about UAH 30000.

Of course, saving on material is not always justified when it comes to high-quality wood protection. However, in comparison with more expensive products, Bionic House is not inferior to them in quality and time of effective protection - up to 7 years. The components of the paints are developed in accordance with the most stringent European standards and are certified with the highest level of environmental safety marks!

Bionic-House products are not an analogue of some brand or handicraft production. This is an innovative complex of effective european and domestic components, which made it possible to create a truly high-quality and affordable product in the modern Ukrainian market of wood-protective materials.

The uniqueness and beauty of wooden facades is admirable. The warmth and ecology of wooden walls have long become the standard for building codes, and the appearance rarely left anyone indifferent - their breath and warmth attract us. Sometimes we do not imagine what kind of loads and impact force the outer shell of a wooden building carries to protect its residents in bad weather or extreme heat. In order for a house to serve for many decades, the wood must be very reliably protected from strong external influences, which on the south side of the building are at least 5-6 times more than on the north.

Requirements for facade paints

The purpose of paint for wood has always pursued two equally important goals. The first is to obtain a bright and excellent appearance, as well as a reliable level of protection against biodegradation and strong weather conditions.

Clients of the Bionic House company will never have to choose between the reliability of protection at the expense of appearance and vice versa. Our facade paints create both a reliable coating and a very stylish appearance, while remaining an environmentally friendly and safe product.

The ratio of ingredients in the finished solution is also of great importance. The ability to withstand strong changes in atmospheric conditions gives a complex of necessary binders and pigments, including other additives that greatly affect the durability of the paint.

An untreated wood surface under conditions of changing dampness and drying out simply cracks. Ultraviolet radiation (UF) bakes the organic bonds of lignin and cellulose, causing the wood to break down, making it gray and soft. Then microorganisms begin to multiply, killing the tree - usually everything starts with small specks of blue.

The ability to withstand aggressive atmospheric conditions means that the product can remain resistant to UF rays, atmospheric oxygen, rain, humidity, and temperature fluctuations. Signs of a change in weatherproof wood paint include a decrease in external gloss, yellowing, discoloration, and the appearance of mold or mildew.

The saturation of the pigment color is directly proportional to the degree of UF protection. The base of paints behave differently under UF radiation. Dark colors can be very hot in the sun, which is why they are more often used by residents of northern countries. Light colors reflect light, but moisture evaporates a little more slowly - they are very suitable for more southern and sunny areas, open or mountainous areas, where light falls at right angles and its spectrum is most destructive.

Sunlight destroys the organic chains of binders that are in the facade paint and which lose their elasticity. The wavelength of UF radiation is 260-390 nm (nanometers). The shorter the wavelength, the more destructive the force. The effect of UF radiation on the surface of facade paint is manifested in weight loss, deterioration in gloss, yellowness and peeling.

The base of wood paints is the main barrier to UF radiation and takes the brunt of it. For example, acrylates break down at a wavelength of 280-315 nm (nanometers), while the «weak point» oils and alkyds are wavelengths of 300-340 nm. This is why oil paints and alkyd paints lose their beautiful shine faster and the surface will fade. Whereas acrylics retain their protective properties very well.

Outdoor work is best done at an air temperature of no less than +5°C and with an air humidity of less than 80%.

Surface preparation

It is better to clean the wooden facade with a soft metal brush, removing the darkened layer of dust. It is better to wash off the dirt with water. It is advisable to periodically inspect the places adjacent to the windows, because they may be more damaged than other sections of the timber or logs, and during processing, make sure that there are no gaps by abundantly wetting and rubbing the paint into the surface. If mechanical cleaning and grinding is carried out, it is not recommended to use fine abrasive paper, since the adhesion of paint and wood is stronger, the coarser the abrasive particles. When the coating is renewed, sanding is optional, it is enough to dry the cleaned or washed surface and you can start working.


For priming the surface before painting, we recommend using an antiseptic composition for dry wood, «Organic Protect», TM Bionic-House. This antiseptic is transparent and does not color the texture of the wood, therefore it does not affect the shade of the facade paint. It should be used for sawn, chopped and planed surfaces.

With repeated (up to 5 layers) processing of Lazur, a thick film is not formed. The dry coating does not flake or crack; before re-processing, you just need to clean the surface with a regular brush. The procedure for applying a water antiseptic is exactly the same as for a conventional painting of a wooden facade.

Damp and recently cleaned wooden surfaces, before drying, it is advisable to treat with an antiseptic «Base Impregnat» it is best to rub in with a brush. Most of all, the ends of the logs and timber need protection, it is through the ends that moisture is absorbed most abundantly and deeply.

Finishing painting of a wooden facade

After the primer is dry, you can start finishing painting the house.

For the final finishing painting, we offer water-based exterior paint «Aqua Color» or and oil paint-impregnation «Facade Lasur» respectively. They have good elasticity, water repellency, UF filter weather resistance and toughness.

Wood paints 'Aqua Color' and 'Facade Lasur' I do not hide the structure of the picture and have a beautiful, stable shade, are tinted in any color you wish and also have a popular palette of ready-made color solutions.