Varnishes for wood

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You can buy polyurethane, acrylic, or alkyd varnishes for wood by filling out an application on the product page, where the price is indicated depending on the volume of the containers

Properties of Bionic-House varnishes

Research and Production Enterprise "Bionic House" offers you an assortment of improved varnishes for wood on 4, most popular with the consumer, bases.

  1. Acrylic varnishes
  2. Acrylic-urethane varnishes
  3. Polyurethane varnishes
  4. Alkyd-urethane varnishes

Each base is best suited for its purpose. Thanks to the combination of the necessary components, you can provide your product, finish for example, with a surface resistant to abrasion or frequent changes in temperature and humidity, as well as ensure durability and preservation of its appearance. Varnishes for wood will be able to protect wood products from water, snow and ultraviolet radiation. Colorless wood varnish creates a transparent finish, while colored varnish improves UV protection.

...Any varnish for covering wood creates a transparent protective layer. However, some components provide the elasticity required in conditions of temperature fluctuations, while others provide film hardness to ensure durability. Outdoor varnish and yacht varnish contain a special UV filter. In addition, it is possible to select the desired shade of the coating.

Briefly about the assortment of varnishes "Bionic-House"

Outdoor wood varnish Polyurethane varnish

Water based acrylic varnishes for wood - practically odorless and dry quickly. Provides durable protection of wood finishes from dust, resistant to detergents, moderately abrasion resistant. Acrylic provides elasticity to the protective coating and on its basis very high-quality varnishes that do not grow cloudy, do not turn yellow, do not crack in the sun for indoor and outdoor use are obtained. This group includes varnishes "Universal", "Panel", "Furniture" and "For outdoor use".

The peculiarity of acrylic varnishes is that they dry quickly. For example, no more than 4 hours is enough to dry the intermediate layer. Complete drying - 24 hours, full fixation at a temperature of 18-20°C and readiness for use - two days.

Odorless acrylic varnish for wood is successfully used for interior work, as it is harmless and has excellent environmental performance.

furniture varnish

Acrylic lacquer for furniture - also water-soluble, but here the acrylic dispersion is improved with a special additive that allows it to withstand solid abrasion loads for a long time, which is ideal in combination with chemical resistance. On this basis, we have created "Parquet varnish" It is also successfully applied to cover solid wooden furniture, tabletops and other work surfaces with active operational load. Acrylic-urethane varnish also dries quickly, has no odor, does not crack, and is convenient for use in everyday life.

parquet varnish

Polyurethane varnish for wood - it is our pride and top product. It has a hard transparent film, is extremely abrasion resistant and durable. Does not turn yellow, cloudy or crack when exposed to sunlight. That is why we offer it under the name "ultra-resistant polyurethane parquet varnish"

Do you know what: Water-based polyurethane varnishes are sold not only here, but few people use aliphatic polyurethane due to its high cost, and it is this factor that provides the lowest VOC content, ensures durability, and retains its appearance without loss of transparency.

Aliphatic you can buy polyurethane varnish at the best price in Ukraine only from Bionic-House, since we are a Ukrainian manufacturer and we make the highest European quality of professional coatings available even for retail household consumers. "Ultra-resistant polyurethane parquet varnish" is recommended for interior use.

Alkyd yacht varnish with urethane oil - it is also quite hard and has excellent chemical and mechanical resistance, but can withstand extreme temperature and humidity changes and prolonged exposure to salt water. This makes it possible to use it in a variety of adverse conditions and aggressive environments. Yacht varnish has an excellent appearance, transparent non-yellowing film, and UV resistance. Good adhesion to wood and modern high-quality components of yacht varnish from Bionic-House, allow us to talk about environmental safety, the absence of a pungent odor, and the possibility of using it for domestic and industrial needs.

You can also find out the price and buy wood varnish produced by "Bionic House" or get detailed information about any product on its page

Your wooden products will be under the reliable protection of Bionic-House!

Features and method of application to the surface

Tinted wood varnish can create uneven color and texture on an untreated sanding surface. If this is undesirable, a preliminary priming is performed. You can do this with a primer-varnish or Bionic House antiseptic-base products when it comes to outdoor decoration.

due to the wide distribution of wooden products, finishing of structures, and depending on their functions different requirements are also imposed on the protective coating. For example, if prolonged contact with sea water is provided, then the coating must be chemically resistant to long-term exposure to an aggressive environment. If exotic woods with a uniquely beautiful pattern are covered, an exceptional depth of transparency is needed. On the contrary, the facades of buildings should not only be aesthetically attractive, but also have different shades, as well as withstand the scorching sun and frost, while the requirements for wear resistance are secondary here. The same cannot be said about coverings on floors and terraces, including furniture, especially kitchen or garden furniture, which are often washed, polished and cleaned with various means. For such purposes, varnishes are the best suited.

Экология и нанесение лаков

Varnishes are a fairly large group of products that are simultaneously assigned both decorative and protective functions. About 20 years ago in this segment, formaldehyde varnishes, which, among other things, had a sharp toxic odor and, with long-term contact, undermined the health of their owners, had a confident primacy in popularity and quality. Therefore, over time, people preferred the less toxic alkyd coatings.

There are many wood varnishes and protection products on the market today. Unfortunately, not all of them can please with the required level of resistance to wear or aggressive environments. And even those that have the desired properties contain toxic elements, substances and components that can harm human health.

Bionic House considers it senseless to protect the surface of the product to the detriment of the health of the owner. This violates the very concept of using harmless materials on a natural basis. That is why we have developed and improved our wood protection products. All means can please not only with effective protection, but also with environmental friendliness.

Water-based varnishes for wood have a high coefficient of elasticity, do not crack. They do not contain a strong odor and are harmless to people around and the environment.

The Bionic House company will reliably protect your wood products, without harming the health of their owners. That is why we always improve our formulations and offer you protection products exclusively on natural basis (harmless, environmentally friendly).

Our motto: "Quality products for wood protection at a reasonable price".


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