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impregnation for wood

The main activity of the Bionic-House company is the development and implementation of innovative high-quality wood protection products that are harmless to people.

All wood protection products are essentially two large groups, each of which has its own task:

  1. Impregnation for wood. These include all antiseptics, primers, oils, as well as oil waxes that do not create a surface film. This includes:
    1. functional impregnation for wood with antiseptic action, which prevents the contamination of wood by microorganisms (mold) and decomposition (rot)
    2. decorative and protective impregnations based on oil and wax which are used to protect against moisture and to improve the appearance.
  2. Wood protection coverings. These are mainly paints and varnishes that create a protective film on the surface to be treated. Among them, two areas are popular:
    1. based on water dispersion . These are acrylate, polyurethane-acrylate water-soluble emulsions that are very resistant to external influences of weather conditions and sunlight in outdoor formulations, or with improved abrasion resistance when it comes to interior paints.
    2. Based on oils and alkyd resins. Here, mixtures of natural oils and alkyd resins are used, which, thanks to white spirit, have a strong penetrating ability, which allows this type of product to have a very long-lasting protection from moisture and dampness.


Unlike alkyd and two-component coatings, even Bionic-House film coatings penetrate relatively deeply into the wood fiber, so in conversation we often use the concept of a lasure-antiseptic, paint-antiseptic, which is essentially the same thing. Bionic-House pays great attention to wood impregnations. This is a promising direction and conception impregnation as paint for wood is not the future, but the present.

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Save money using antiseptics and impregnations for wood temporary action

Since wood of natural origin has a cellular-fiber structure, therefore, the use of impregnations for it will be more effective protection than one superficial shallow coating. In addition, treatment with expensive components is not always required when it comes to protection during lumber production, transportation or construction.

For temporary protection, broad-spectrum antifungal agents are offered. These are effective functional antiseptics for household, decorative and transport purposes. For example, to protect still damp wood, an aqueous antiseptic impregnation for wood is used, which is able to penetrate through diffusion into the fibers much deeper than if it was already dry.

We also recommend using a base coat of primer to achieve an even shade of paint or tinted lasure prior to finishing, to avoid uneven color resulting from different wood grain densities.

In everyday life, use natural oil-based wood impregnation

For those who appreciate a natural finish, we suggest visiting the section for oils and waxes. For example, terrace oil is easy to apply to the surface, does not require special care, has an antiseptic effect, and can be tinted in the desired tone at the request of customers. Linseed oil is a natural antiseptic and universal impregnation for all types of wood. The use of wax in impregnations based on vegetable oils not only improves tactile sensations, but allows you to create preservation layers on the ends of logs and beams during the construction of wooden houses.

We also recommend using a special sauna oil when treating wood trim in a sauna. This is the most environmentally friendly type of decoration. This tool is almost odorless, does not cause allergies and does not cause discomfort during bath procedures. Today it is the most popular sauna treatment.

in more detail in the section Wood protective oils, terraced, decorative

For load-bearing constructions and roofs - fire retardant impregnation for wood

The section of fire retardants will offer you both standard water-soluble mixtures of the BS-13 type and innovative ones that have passed the most stringent tests and received 1 group of fire retardant efficiency. Visit the section fire-bio protection of wood


Impregnation-paints for wood

The assortment of the catalog includes various water-based and organic-based paints. Among them are resistant to fading from ultraviolet radiation, dampness, creating reliable protection against mold and fungal rot. And recently we launched a paint-wax for interior work with increased abrasion resistance. These are the same reliable film coatings that will serve you for a long time in various conditions, as they tend to penetrate deeply between the fibrous texture of wood.

Varnishes for wood

Here you will find high quality acrylic, acrylic-polyurethane and polyurethane varnishes for wooden surfaces and products. Our varnishes are one of the few in Europe that have abandoned the use of aromatic polyurethane and completely switched to purified aliphatic. The content of high-quality polyurethane in our compositions is currently the highest in Ukraine.

In our catalog you will find:

  • quick drying acrylic varnish water-based with a high degree of chemical resistance.
  • Acrylic-polyurethane furniture varnish. Resistant to abrasion even under heavy use.
  • Polyurethane parquet varnish/em>. High-strength varnish for parquet and wood floors.

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