Development of environmentally friendly wood protection products

The research and production enterprise "Bionic-house" has been developing environmentally friendly and safe for humans wood processing products since 1999. 15 years of experience in the research activities of the enterprise, led by highly qualified specialists, makes it possible to constantly improve the technical and operational characteristics of protective compounds.

We are relentlessly improving the performance of our products in line with the growing demands of consumers for quality, taking into account the protection of the environment and product safety.

The goal of research activities is the development of environmentally friendly wood protection products

The purpose of research activities is the development of innovative solutions, as well as the improvement of the existing protective properties of the compositions in the direction of increasing the service life. Including, increasing the convenience of working with them and compliance with the most stringent requirements of European standards.



We consider it necessary to note that there are many ways to protect wooden houses and wood products from fungi, insects, fire, etc., but we are most interested in methods of protection that exclude the use of chemicals saturated with toxic substances harmful to health and violating the basic principle of a wooden house: ecological cleanliness of the home. Therefore, for our company and its employees, the main task and goal is the production of materials using only environmentally friendly components.

Philosophy "Bionic-house"

логоEach product with the "Bionic-House" logo, whose symbol we have chosen is a bee - a competent, hardworking builder, an experienced chemist, whose waste products are always safe and environmentally friendly. In addition, all presented wood products are of excellent quality and are offered to you after careful research and numerous tests. This allowed our company to create an image of a manufacturer of reliable and safe wood protection products. All developments are carried out taking into account the wishes of consumers, to whom we are always ready to provide consulting support and assistance in choosing the most suitable complex of wood protection means.

"Bionic-house" – protecting your home and safe for your family's health!


The successful activity of the "Bionic-House" company is confirmed by a large number of diplomas and certificates, and the manufactured products - by the official conclusions of the inspection bodies. We present to your attention some of them.

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