The log house is covered with facade glaze

Eco-coatings in the paint and varnish industry are always actively discussed in society and often become the subject of heated discussions between consumers and manufacturers. Along with environmental safety, many are important not only the performance of paintwork materials, but also the naturalness of the components that make up a particular composition.

The topic of natural ingredients in the production of wood protection products is especially relevant. After all, wood is a material of biological origin. Having built a house from wood, acquiring natural wood trim or furniture, the owner, taking care of the appearance and protection of the tree, often looks for means also on natural bases, so that the products or decoration look as natural as possible. As for the means for external wood processing, they must also be very resistant to bio-lesions of a different nature.

Benefits of universal wood protection products

Universal water-soluble translucent paint-impregnation Aqua Color

The lion's share of modern wood protection products for external use is produced on water-soluble acrylate dispersions. They replaced old solvent borne alkyd coatings, which left much to be desired in terms of environmental friendliness. However, the use of aqueous acrylate dispersions is also not common. And today, there are still a huge number of buyers who prefer organic wood protection products, for example, oil-based. The argument is simple - oil impregnates the wood deeper, while acrylate glaze or paint creates a coating only on the surface of the wood.

Versatility or Appropriateness?

Water-soluble coatings are quite elastic and serve for a very long time in conditions of strong ultraviolet radiation, in heat, cold, rain, snow, etc. However, they should be updated more often in places where moisture and vegetation are located. Only a slight damage to their surface, under such conditions, leads to moistening of the wood, a change in its density and hardness, and with a large amplitude of atmospheric humidity or contact with vegetation, this often leads to the appearance of foci of biological damage.

Lazure-impregnation on tung oil

The best found in nature!

Oil-based façade lasure works best in these conditions and protects the wood well from moisture and decay. The tree impregnated with it is protected from getting wet and is less susceptible to infection by mold, rot and insects. Due to numerous requests, Bionic-House has expanded its range of oil-based wood protection lasures and now Facade Lasur is available not only based on linseed oil, but also on tung oil. The new "Profi-Facade Lasur tung oil" based on tung oil has a longer service life, higher wear resistance and deeper penetration into wood fibers. Apart from the obvious improvements, Profi-Facade Lasur tung oil is equipped with effective UV protection and new bright color shades. More details about the new product can be found here.