If you need to level out different tones of wood to obtain a uniform style

Different tonality of wood finishes

Those who decided to arrange a wooden facade for themselves or who were engaged in its installation and exterior decoration made of natural wood more than once had to deal with the heterogeneity of the shade of wood in different panels. The tone of the color shade, within the framework of one tree species, can differ significantly depending on the age of the wood, the growing conditions of the tree, the type and moisture content of the soil, as well as how much the section of the trunk from which the part is cut is closer to the core of the tree trunk. Receiving a set of decorative moldings made of natural wood, whether it is lining, imitation of timber, panels, etc., the craftsmen carefully sort the material and choose a place for it so that the pattern of stripes and shades is the most aesthetic, and defects are removed or eliminated in order to maintain the design in the same style and color. If the goal is to hide the different shades of wooden details as much as possible, choose either covering light shades of pastel colors, or dark and saturated ones, which will cover this difference in several layers. This is usually done if the quality class of the wood finish is not very high ...

Wooden facade wall - planken

If in the decoration, for painting, transparent impregnations, varnish, glaze antiseptic or translucent lazure are chosen that do not hide the texture of the wood, then a darker part is placed between parts with a radial cut, in which the pattern is smaller and the surface absorbency is stronger. After coloring, the dark or light opaque pigment will be absorbed deeper into this surface and the difference in tone will not be so noticeable. Understanding of such small professional secrets convinces us that working with wood is not only physical and technical, but also aesthetic work.

If you need to emphasize the variegation of different tones of wood trim

Wooden facades with different shades of wooden slats

On the contrary, in the compositions of slatted and molded wooden facades, it is natural and typical to emphasize the tonal difference of wooden lamellas, which forms a variegated style.

Imitation of multi-tone wood

alternation of two shades in the wooden facade decoration

However, recently we were faced with a case when the inhomogeneity of the shades of the painted wood did not just not want to hide, but on the contrary simulate in order to achieve a certain design effect.

View Imitation of tonal unevenness on a wooden facade

When painting the wooden facade, the client wished to artificially simulate the heterogeneity of pigmentation by ordering for finishing two saturated shades of similar tone on the lukanilas "Teak" and "Cognac". Perhaps the photo does not quite convey this, but with a good angle of illumination, the effect is quite interesting.

As you can see, professionals use Bionic-House wooden paints and impregnations not only in classical, but also in rather extravagant design solutions.

Thus, our experience served your bold ideas - Bionic-House to help you :) !