External finishing of a wooden log house

Don't like log houses? You just don't know how to cook them. :))

Did you know that: Recently, the fashion for log cabins or wooden houses has given rise to many dissatisfied owners who constantly complain about drafts and cold in a "miracle, eco, wooden house."

The attractive price of houses made of rounded logs contributed to the active construction of many houses using this technology, and quite quickly such buildings, along with land plots, also began to be inexpensively sold on the secondary market.

An unfinished log house can almost look like a finished one.

The reason is simple, having bought into a beautiful picture, we want ourselves a “nice little log house” to live in a wooden eco-friendly house, warm, energy-saving, because: “… in a wooden house it is warm, fresh, cozy ...” - everyone says, and it’s not expensive, and so , we are already calling companies offering construction or sale of wooden houses, and, of course, we will choose the most favorable (lowest) price and conditions that we can find on the market!

After the end of construction, the wooden house shrinks and dries. Cracks appear in the logs, slits appear in the corners and between the crowns, this is often inevitable and this is a normal process ... The trouble is that when concluding a construction contract, not everyone is warned that it will be necessary to caulk, seal and finish wooden walls later, deliberately omitting this so as not to frighten the client with the cost of additional work and not to disrupt the deal.

After the construction stage, many construction companies are ready in good faith to continue works on sealing and finishing, but when to client announces the cost of the work in order to get a warm, caulked finished log house, then not everyone is inclined to continue the works - and some owners, simply by painting the log facade, and not a make full range of finishing works, they sell their handsome man as "ready to move in", thus shifting the additional costs onto the shoulders of the new owner.

It's a pity, because the success was very close! Just finishing a wooden house, like any other, needs to be completed! It is beautiful, graceful, and most importantly, energy efficient and comfortable, if everything is done initially, not only correctly, but also to the end! And real wood craftsmen know how to do this and offer their services to people who have or purchase log houses in need of restoration, sealing and finishing.

What a finished log house looks like?

Ready log cabin
The secret of a warm log house simple - it is necessary to bring the matter to the end, and carry out the necessary work. And your "log house" will thank its owners with the warmth and comfort that they expect from it.

In the photo, our partner, the “Khata z dereva” workshop, and its head Mikhail Stripachuk, demonstrate their level of work on the façade of the log house, using the Fasad lasur coating on an organic oil base of the Bionic House trademark. The house is qualitatively compacted and sealed. Therefore, it is not only beautiful, but also energy efficient. The sealed ends of the logs, joints, crevices and the external treatment carried out will provide protection from moisture, frost, heat and ultraviolet burnout for a long time. The owner does not need to carry out restoration and sealing work on a regular basis, it is enough to keep the facade clean and periodically (about once every 7-10 years) renew its wood-protective coating.

That's the whole secret, you shouldn't be afraid of log cabins, just too nice price during construction or sale speaks of a set of works on which they saved money and someone will have to spend them, preparing the house for housewarming so that "... they (the new settlers) lived happily ever after."

And the Bionic-House company is preparing new interesting publications and photo reports using its products, do not miss it, follow the news!