Wooden Hotel in the Carpathians

Those who have been high in the mountains know firsthand how drastic changes in climatic conditions can be there. Moreover, it does not matter what time of year it is outside, in the mountains everything is complicated by strong fluctuations in temperature (daily amplitude often reaches 20-25 ° C), humidity, pressure, and due to the smaller layer of the atmosphere, the activity of solar ultraviolet radiation is several times stronger here than in other regions closer to sea level. However, this is what promotes the establishment of tourist zones, ski resorts, health centers, hotels in the mountains.

Wooden hotel - log house, bottom view

One of these places in the Transcarpathian region is located on Mount Cassia in the village of Vyshka. A cozy family-friendly hotel with the romantic name "Mont Blanc" was organized here in honor of the mountain range above Lake Leman in the Alps.

The hotel has a wooden facade, which has burned out over time, and the Bionic-House company had the opportunity to offer its wood protection products, because this is a good opportunity to test our products for strength in "combat" mountain conditions.

Freshly painted wooden hotel facade

Facade Lasur TM Bionic-House based on organic and linseed oil was chosen as an external wood protective covering. The color was chosen by Art Gray from the classic palette of our company. It is a covering, almost non-transparent and excellent resistance to ultraviolet radiation. The sealed, white-painted ends of the logs along the corner joints and overcuts give individuality and elegance to the facade. Art Gray is a dark gray shade with a bluish tint. With white decorative elements and coloring of the ends, it creates a very beautiful combination and attracts the attention of traveling tourists. The Mont Blanc hotel is also part of the entertainment complex, which includes a cable car for the ski trail in winter, and in summer you can harvest a bountiful harvest of natural gifts.

Huge edible mushrooms are not uncommon in the Carpathians

The hosts are very hospitable and kind, so if you are in those parts nearby - visit this unforgettable, amazingly beautiful place, you will be extremely welcome at any time of the year.