Oil for wood in the interior

Wood oil for interior work HardWax Oil has long been in demand among our regular customers. It has excellent wear resistance and protects the wood well from mold and mildew infection. Its intended uses are high-stress surfaces, wood floors, kitchen countertops, doorways and more.

Colors Walnut and Palisander oil for wood

However, nothing prevents you from using it as an interior coating, because it can be tinted in different colors. In this case, all wood surfaces and panels treated with HardWax Oil will be resistant to repeated washing and wiping, without the risk of damaging the coating and color.

Sauna interior in wood

For the formation of the style of interiors, a very important feature is the selection of successful color combinations. Well thought out design greatly enhances the feeling of coziness and aesthetics of the interior space.

Considering various photos or design projects, you either want to visit this place or leave it as soon as possible. Therefore, even with a lot of good artistic tools and techniques, it is not easy to achieve their harmony in the interior, but real mastery can be seen in the ability to achieve an amazing harmony of space, details and shades even in a simple way ...

Interiors in wood

It is this skill that we see in the photos left by one of our clients in Google reviews about our company. These photos inspired us so much that we could not help showing them on our website, because this is a living history of the use of our products, and a proof of what simple natural ecological remedies are capable of in the right hands.

Attention! Natural linseed oil in its pure natural form, even without a single functional additive, has a peculiar smell that may seem unpleasant to some, therefore, after processing the wood with HardWax Oil, periodic ventilation of the room is required until the coating is completely dry and polymerized. After a while, the smell weakens and disappears.