Color Pantone-2022

On December 9, 2021 PANTONE, known for its Color Matching System (PMS), as a provider of professional color design and digital solutions for graphic design, printing, apparel, from concept to production, announced its 2022 color choice. Became PANTONE 17-3938 Very Peri

For the first time in many years, to choose the color of the year, the company did not use its ready-made color palette, but created an almost new color shade, focusing society's attention on reflecting the actual dynamics of the modern world, its constant volatility and desire for change.

PANTONE welcomes the creativity and bold curiosity of the current generation (symbolized by the hue of purple-violet), based on the "positive qualities" (which PANTONE sees in the deep blue).

Considering: “… empowering digital design and growing the creative community in the digital space, the new purple-red shade demonstrates a life-loving joyful mood and dynamic presence that encourages bold creativity and expression.”
- noted in PANTONE.

Of course, connoisseurs of symbolism in the world of fashion and graphic design will appreciate the new color "... reflecting global innovation and transformation", as well as the efforts of the world authority in the field of color solutions to give new scope for expression and action in creativity. In practice, the richness of color shades is not only an opportunity to express emotions and set a mood, but also a new tool for the emergence of new interesting ideas and incarnations.