From April 1, Bionic-House is forced to raise the price of the entire range of our products. What is the reason for the increase? Is it possible to avoid the increase in prices for our paint and varnish products? And how much the price of wood protection products will become higher, more on this...

About the reason for the rise in prices

For more than a month, Ukraine has been putting up heroic resistance to the Russian occupiers, holding back a full-scale military invasion in unequal battles. Fortunately, the aggressor state did not have enough forces and military power to unleash battles throughout Ukraine, however, absolutely all regions of our country are subjected to rocket and aircraft bombardments.

Therefore, logistics and delivery of everything that needs to be delivered is complicated everywhere, from essentials to equipment and components that are the basis of any production and its specific activities. The terms of trade are also complicated. For example, delivery times are stretched and the cost of delivery increases in proportion to the price of fuel.

The Ukrainian government has adopted many good laws that allow private enterprises and businesses to work in wartime, and ensure salaries for their employees in those regions where hostilities do not occur. This effectively reduces the blow to the country's domestic economy caused by the war, but, unfortunately, does not completely eliminate it.

How it relates to Bionic-House

Wood protection products of our company are created from high-quality, environmentally friendly components. Many of these components and functional additives are produced, by our order, by leading European brands. The market price of the finished product always depends on the prices of raw materials, components and transport costs. As they rise, so does the price of our products.

According to preliminary estimates, prices for Bionic-House paint and varnish products will increase by an average of 10%

A 10% increase in prices for wood protection products under martial law is a forced measure for us. An alternative to raising prices could be replacing more expensive and high-quality components with cheaper ones. As a result, it would not have been possible to significantly reduce the price anyway, and regular customers who appreciated the European quality of our products would have been disappointed. Such a risk is unacceptable for us! Bionic-House strives to preserve the best recipes for wood preservatives, so loved by our customers and partners, using only high-quality and environmentally friendly components, because the main principle of our company remains providing the highest quality wood preservatives at the most reasonable price.