Forgive me, not expensive, the protection of the village from the vіd vologa and rottenness on an olive basis this year turned out to be the main handyman for the quick and efficient processing of wooden budіvel and improvement. At the municipalities, organize interchange stations, mobile canteens, and points of accommodation, as well as bases for overnight stays, often blame the timing and not the usual timing, wooden hangings, mobile modules, or build more expensive camps for accommodation. Qi derev'yanі spores are covered with splendid wood fences without overheads, and so, that there was a minimum of trouble with them.

Also, small rest areas are organized, where our guests, who will rise in price, can spend the night, after a long flight, or the road, take a breath, persh, lower virushiti, let us live in our country in us it shines, turning everything on the vlasnі eyes.

Wooden houses for western Ukraine are the best and the best way to organize a base, or a "rest area" for the flow of people, which, having settled down in the wake of the postyny rush, both from our country, and up to it. To keep an eye on such houses, it is not recommended to vicorate expensive acrylic azure through winter, but it is not recommended to make vicorist due to a strong smell, which will last a long time.

The Bionic-House company has developed a facade seepage-azure on an olive basis Fasade Lasure. Vaughn, that nadiyno protects like a call, so the inner wood of the house is restored from mold, fungus and rot, that caresss the ominous look. Її the smell is weak and swirling brightly, and її the components are not sparse. Yak Bachimo one zasіb come and for zvnіshnoї th for vnutrіshnyoї obrobki, th after hanging budinochok ready for operation, simple, fast, inexpensive!

At the time of renovation, the coating is so fast, after the streak is broken and hanging, you can carry out the work without removing the old ball, cleaning it with a soft metal shield. Before the speech, the specialty of which was the use of Fasade Lasure oil pigments to replace the standard ones, so that the client would take away the badness.

- It turned out great!

We offer fast, inexpensive processing for wooden buildings, facades, decoration.

Fasade Lasure Bionic-House is capable of reliably and long-term protection of wooden buildings, but only from moisture, rotting and damage of a natural and biological nature... From rocket and bomb attacks, another kind of protection is required, but you probably already know about this ! ;)