2020 was not an easy test for everyone. There is no point in explaining how the quarantine affected the activities of manufacturers of building materials, and the volume of orders and construction. However, those who timely identified current market trends and studied technological tools that allow attracting the attention of potential customers, using all kinds of remote communication tools, managed not only to survive without losing profit, but also to obtain sustainable development prospects.

How it was possible - some materials of the conference are covered BudMix2020

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Does the feedback work?

So, according to the main inspirer of the League of Masters community, Mikhail Grishin, manufacturers of dry building mixes (CCM), paintwork materials, and some other building materials do not always fully understand the need for consumer feedback and often underestimate this factor, which, according to his According to him, sometimes to increase the profit of the enterprise several times.

To prove his thesis, Mikhail conducted a survey among masters of all levels and asked them to voice questions and tasks that are topical problems and an everyday headache for a current foreman (43:35 minutes). As a result, it turned out that in the list of theses used in advertising by manufacturers of building materials, there was not a single solution that would make life easier for a potential consumer. This suggests that the foreman will not appreciate the advertisement and the product itself, which does not solve his problems, and the manufacturer will not receive a client, no matter how aggressive the advertisement is.

What interests the foreman

  1. The ability to earn more in less time,
  2. Eliminate the loss of time for unnecessary conversations and simplify the workflow, the work should be done easier and easier. (The foreman is always busy),
  3. Also, the foreman is multifunctional, today he has to cover many positions, he appreciates a good tool and high-quality, easy-to-use building materials that save time.

Steps to meet our consumers

  • Do not "impose" the product, but let you earn money (you need a partner price tag),
  • Suggest a solution to a problem that the foreman often encounters,
  • Quick response and participation in resolving complaints,
  • Training and master classes,
  • Provide a margin of safety for products that will be used in adverse real conditions, and not in a laboratory, subject to all recommendations on the packaging ...
Therefore, if the manufacturer provides a solution to at least one problem of the foreman, he will receive a grateful client and more than one. (It is important to earn a recommendation, not just the profit from one sale.)

We use virtual means of communication and e-commerce

Also interesting statistics are used by Andrey Borovskiy, representative of Henkel Bautechnik Ukraine, when asked about methods of promoting products and how to reach a current foremans, buyers, clients ...

Today, a person responds to a message on Facebook faster than a physical call or even a call. It is no secret that search engines, social networks and instant messengers are used everywhere, the Internet has become the main means of obtaining information. Therefore, both old and small, regardless of gender or age, use it to ....

And this is why people use their phones, computers and the Internet further in the statistics 3:06:37 minute of video ...

how many people use electronic communications

Of almost 8 billion. of the world's population 67% of people on the planet use telephones and 60% of the Internet. Social networks are used by 53% of people on Earth and this number is growing by 12% per year

how much time do people spend on the Internet, social networks, TV and entertainment

On average, people spend about 7 hours a day surfing the Internet, watching TV 3.5 hours a day on social networks 2.5 hours, games and music taking an average of 1.5 hours a day. The place for advertising is chosen by the owners of media resources in proportion to the amount of time people spend on viewing (the more time a person spends and the more the resource is popular, the more likely it is that ads will be shown there). On the Internet and social networks, it will also be matched by gender, age and behavioral factors of the visitor.

popularity of internet services in 2020

A few years ago, the global tool used by almost all Internet users was e-mail. It has not lost its leadership even today, because 92% of all Internet users use it, but today the use of instant messengers is growing rapidly and their share at the moment is 80%. They are convenient to use and receive an answer here faster than by email. For work, video calls are also actively used and social networks, their shares are 71% and 66%, respectively.

Social media rating in 2020

The popularity of social networks in 2020 looks like this:

  1. Facebook
  2. Youtube
  3. Whatsapp (messengers are growing into social networks)
  4. Facebook messenger
  5. Instagram
An interesting fact: Viber, which is so popular in Ukraine and several other European countries, did not make it into the world statistics at all. Even Telegram and Twitter got here only on the 16th and 17th places, respectively.
share of the most popular social networks 2020

Also interesting is the summary world statistics on the main social networks and entertainment portals. For example, on Facebook you can find 35% of the world's population, on YouTube 33%, on Instagram 19%, and on the fast-growing entertainment social network TIKTOK 11% and it is growing ...

Share of use of mobile gadgets in 2020

The share of Internet use by mobile phones has grown 25 times in the last 5 years alone. It is obvious that an advertisement adapted for a mobile phone is much more effective than one that does not have such an adaptation.

Popular Methods for Finding Brand Information

Where do people look for information about products and brands? Of course, Google and other search engines come first. Social networks are in second place and reviews, users who shoot videos and keep thematic blogs, are in third.

How and who uses the internet in Ukraine

According to the demographic coverage within Ukraine, 47% of men and 52% of women actively use the Internet, mainly in large cities in the center, east and west of Ukraine. In the southern regions, unfortunately, only 11% of Ukrainians use the Internet.

Conclusions: Well, the fact that business and business relationships are increasingly turning into an electronic form of relationships will not surprise anyone. All progressive companies, communicative entrepreneurs and brands use every opportunity to post information about themselves wherever a large number of people appear.

However, it should be remembered that the most popular trend on the Internet is the field of online education and entertainment, where the attention of visitors is focused on information of a certain nature and it is rather difficult to distract them from this and interest them in your products using media advertising tools (master classes can be useful here and videos of a similar nature). Much easier e-commerce is conducted on the aggregation sites of online stores (retail products), and in social networks (services and products), which easily fall into the first pages of search engines.

As for the content of advertisements, it is better to submit information briefly, but in an understandable form, focusing on big cities and their regions, since e-commerce is directly dependent on the development of communication means, and people who do not have much time to study the benefits of your products ...

We hope this article was useful to our partners and visitors who are still thinking about possible cooperation and / or a new direction of their business, where this summary will help save a lot of time and money on choosing the right development strategy for your company or enterprise, investing in effective, in your case, advertising tools.